19 year old photography student from Brighton, England
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  • Cars - 19.04.2014

    Shot digitally, at night, with a Nikon D3100 and a Nikkor 35mm prime lens.

    Wall No. 1 - 18.04.2014

    Shot digitally, at night, with a Nikon D3100 and a Nikkor 35mm prime lens.

    Hi Matt, I heard from Justine about your photography which I think is mature, intelligent and great to look at, well done. I know you were looking for a venue as are a lot of artists I know. I can't offer you space as it's my main source of income, but I started in a shared house in Kemp Town, so it's do-able. Mark out the venues you like the look of and visit/chat to the owners re: next year. Hope you can make it on Fri May 2 for a bevvy. Have a look at Bridget Smith's photos, old mate of mine

    Hi Alex, thank you it’s very much appreciated!
    I understand, networking is key I shall take your advice and make some business cards to hand out as well. Yes I should be available to pop in for drink in May, thanks again and I appreciate your kind words!

    Space - 13.013.2014 to present

    These images are from an on-going project looking at urban and industrial spaces at night. The main focus of this project is to portray these places in a different light, to suggest a hidden beauty within these mundane environments which would normally be overlooked.


    The main concept behind these images was to look at the grittier side of the people of Brighton, I wanted to avoid really polished commercial portraits and achieve something which I believe reflects an honest view of where I live and work.

    I decided to shoot these images on a Mamiya RZ67 with medium format film, I strongly believe that by using film, it reflects the organic concept I was aiming for.

    Chairs - 09.11.2012

    A very personal project which explored the notion of objects becoming personified through the characters and personalities of the people which used them; in this case chairs.

    Ernest Hemingway to Irving Penn:
    “Your photos are really good. What camera do you use?”
    Irving Penn to Ernest Hemingway:
    “Your novels are excellent. What typewriter do you use?